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Squirrel in the neighboorhood by ItisjustYuna
Squirrel in the neighboorhood
Not so long ago, while we were going out for a walk, we found this little guy on our tree, building a nest.
Isn't it cute? Q_Q
Elsa von Whiskers by ItisjustYuna
Elsa von Whiskers
I swear you, she's the most patient cat on the world Q_Q
I flashed several times into her eyes, but she kept posing for me Q_Q
Give love for Elsa.
Wait... What? Why does DA look like Facebook?? Q_Q


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Anonymous:iconingvar-the-deviant::iconemerald-depths::icondeviantsickness::iconcloudmercury::iconlordelis:'s a journal, too! XD

Just to make sure you SEE my life signs. *sighs*

Summer is here, peopleeeeee D': Enjoy the sunsine, the warm weather, the freedom, the holidays. Just the way I try to do it ;) And to make a little sense, too here's a Quiz :heart: ~

1. Copy this whole list into your journal (including the instructions, so that other people can understand what it is about).
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
< b > Bold < / b >
3. Whatever you don't bold are false

001. I like laser pointers - not to mention, I act like a cat? XD

002. I don't drink water
003. I believe in world peace

004. I sleep with a plushie - the fox I've got from my husband D:

005. I'm ambidextrous
006. People accept me how I am

007. I'm addict to anime/manga

008. I speak 1337 better than english
009. I'm daltonic
010. I don't like mirrors
011. I play card games (Magic, Stu-Pi-Doh...)

012. Puppy eyes melt my heart

013. I have a job - Being a student counts, too? XD No, really I do work sometimes for an NGO

014. I love chocolate

015. I can type faster than I speak

016. My heart is easier to break than my bones

017. I collect things (specify what) - Postcards, key hangers.

018. I don't trust people

019. I have a lucky number
020. I'm afraid of knives
021. I start too much projects and never finish them

022. I have more than one pet - To be exact, 2 dogs and 9 cats.... xD

023. I can't see anything without my glasses on - T_T

024. I play chess

025. I have lied to protect other people

026. I am vegetarian

027. I know the future - and I see darkness. D:

028. I prefer books than movies
029. I love to draw

030. I don't have brothers - And neither sisters. xD

031. My handwriting is unreadable
032. I believe in extraterrestrial life
033. I don't use Google

034. I can't live without my cellphone - "This is the part of me"(Katy Perry) XD

035. I always wear a cap
036. I have more diskettes than books
037. I've never seen a snow day

038. I'm not religious - Even if I'm christen, I'm not practicing religion.. Not already.

039. I can understand graffiti tags
040. I'm not afraid of death
041. I go to the bathroom more than 7 times a day
042. I believe the government is into a conspiracy
043. I love videogames
044. I'm an activist for the defense of nature

045. I'm a moody person

046. I always carry a weapon with myself

047. I prefer cold than hot

048. I look for known shapes in the clouds

049. My Internet connection sucks

050. I rarely go to the cinema

051. I'm old- T_T

052. I have insomnia

053. I have tattoos
054. I don't know what people expect from me</b>
055. I'm unbeatable in domino
056. I don't like IMs (Instant Messengers, like MSN or Yahoo)
057. Horror movies scare me
058. I used to eat non-toxic glue
059. I feel rather than think
060. I use Firefox and always tell everyone else to use it

061. I have hope

062. I have a car

063. I remember what I dream

064. I don't need to use Liquid Paper/ Corrector Pen
065. I'm patriotic
066. I worship the devil
067. I hate Windows XP

068. I like solving crossword puzzles

069. I have a social life - Well, more or less. xD

070. I always read the newspaper
071. I checked the box to avoid seeing mature content in dA

072. My I.Q. is above 160 - If not above, but around D:

073. I like mexican food
074. I don't give a good impression

075. I get bored easily

076. I'm passing through a period of changes - I'm getting to look more like a WOMAN, not a silly girl

077. I hate taking a bath
078. I can't go out without makeup
079. I don't know what RAM is
080. I like to talk about politics

081. I have a third eye - Good divinations...

082. I'm uninteresting

083. I have a Blog - And my love keeps telling me to continue.. I didn't have time for that in the last few weeks.

084. I have to take pills - Allergy, anxiety attacks..

085. I have lots of CDs

086. I always have a dictionary at hand - Does this count as an application on my phone, too? XD

087. I'm tired of this quiz - Maybe.. Just a little bit >__>

088. I care about copyright protection
089. My computer is older than me

090. I have a boyfriend/girlfriend - Nope, I have a fiancée

091. I see dead people

092. I drink tea

093. I have a good memory

094. I've never been to a concert
095. I enter to my house through the window
096. When I was a child, I wanted to be an astronaut
097. I don't watch TV

098. I'm unresistable - Of course x'''D

099. I have invisible friends - Who not? >___> xD Anime characters :heart:

100. I love deviantART - Even if I'm not that active D:


  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Together forever from Pokemon
  • Eating: Nothing but I'm hungry D:
  • Drinking: Ice tea


ItisjustYuna's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Nicknames: Vicky, Vi-chan, Vicky-chan, Vikoala, Visuke

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: Pretty high ^^ About 5'8" (or 1,75m :D)

Spoken languages: Hungarian, English, German

Typical properties: Friendly, Honest, Sensitive, Carrying and Worrying (like a mother X3), Hyperactive, Loyal, Helpful (if you need advice or something, just write :3), Curious, Lovely, Attacks every great Sasuke, Gaara, Inuyasha cosplayer with glomps X3

I like: My friends (I love them :heart:)
Clubs and discos
Nature (mainly mountains)
Winter and the lot of snow ^^
Animes (favorite animes: Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, Full Metal Panic, Beyblade, Mew Mew Power or Tokyo Mew Mew, X/1999, Yu-Gi-Oh, Shaman King, Ouran High School Host Club, Nana, Chrono Crusade, Kuroshitsuji, Fruit Basket, Vampire Knight)
Japanese animated film (for example: Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle)
Animals ( mainly wolfs, dogs, wildcats, horses )
Fantasy stories, pictures.. We can say I live in a fantasy world sometimes also ^^

Dislike: Lies & liars
Animal torturer
People who don't know, where's the border
Blood ( Curse of the hemophobia <__>; )

Any other question? Write a note and I'll reply as soon as I can. Don't be afraid I won't bite your head off :P:flirty:



Current Residence: Hungary
Favourite genre of music: Techo, electro, house, trance, dance, pop
MP3 player of choice: My mobile phone ^^
Skin of choice: Silver, gold or pale
Personal Quote: I see dead people....---- BOOOOOOOOOOOO

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Th3DarkKn1ght Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Boldog Szülinapot! :D :party: :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
ItisjustYuna Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Köszi, aranyos vagy :D :heart:

jól vagy? Rég beszéltünk :3
Th3DarkKn1ght Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
Nagyon szívesen! :D

Igen és te? :D
ItisjustYuna Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Jelenleg jól. Lusta dög vagyok basszus :D:D Meg pirosnapok, szal "éhes vagyok-kövérvagyok-nemeszek-deéhenhalok-csokitakarok-mineklélegzel-mitbámulsz-kotródjmár-körvérvagyokmondtammár" helyzet van :'D
Nem ártana beadandót írni és társai... De baah X_X
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Ge-mini Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
x3333 danke!!!!
ItisjustYuna Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ohh das war ja so lange und ich hab nocht nicht geantwortet ^^;

Gerne XD :heart:
NekoFlameAlchemist Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
Thank you so much for :+fav:ing mine and my boyfriend's Mass Effect cosplays - much appreciated <3
Have a llama ^_^

I hope you are doing well :3
ItisjustYuna Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ahh you're absolutely  welcome ^^ <3

Ahh I'm dying xD Allergy >__> One day my eyes are puffy and all red -I could cosplay a vampire or werewolf without lenses xD)- the other the my nose keeps running all the time -just like now- ot I can't stop sneezing ^^; I love summer, but the pollens kinda kill me >__> And this will last until the first freezes yet. x____x

And what about you? :)
NekoFlameAlchemist Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
Oh noes!  Boo for allergies :(
Are you feeling any better now?  Have you been taking anything for your hayfever? :o

I'm not too bad thanks - just taking the opportunity to catch up on DA and Facebook ^^;
ItisjustYuna Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I take medicine, eye drops and i use salt lamp (it really works! after I got an allergy attack, it helped for my
organism to "calm down"')

But at the moment, yes. I feel better :D Though now I've got some cold XDDD We were in a stalactite cave and my sweater was wet - the water in my husband's backpack flew out ^^; so I think I've got a little cold. But I'm okay ^^
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